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Modern desktop computer systems require the following to properly dissipate heat (Select TWO):

A.    Temperature Control Panel
B.    Thermal Compound
C.    Liquid Cooling Systems
D.    Processor Heat Sink
E.    Case Fan

Answer: BD

A memory type typically used in high end workstations and not generally found in consumer grade PCs is:

A.    DDR3.
B.    ECC.
C.    PC2-6400.
D.    DDR2-667.

Answer: B

Which of the following types of software protection will help mitigate any threats coming from worms or Trojans?

A.    Spam blocker
B.    Anti-Virus
C.    Anti Spyware
D.    Anti adware

Answer: B

Which of the following characteristics must be matched depending on the specifications of the power grid for the country a PSU will be utilized in?

A.    Wattage
B.    Amperage
C.    Resistance
D.    Voltage

Answer: D

A company printer is used to print payroll checks on paper forms with carbon backing.
Which of the following is the BEST type of printer for this scenario?

A.    Laser
B.    Impact
C.    Inkjet
D.    Thermal

Answer: B

A technician has had several support requests for one PC. The technician has reseated the PCI cards and replaced the hard drive in the PC located in a school cafeteria kitchen. PCs located in the business office or the classrooms have not had this issue. Which of the following is MOST likely causing this PC’s issue?

A.    Faulty RAM
B.    240 volt Kitchen outlets
C.    Power Brownouts
D.    Excessive Heat

Answer: D

Which of the following ports is the default for HTTP?

A.    21
B.    25
C.    80
D.    110

Answer: C

Which of the following is the correct connector for an internal floppy drive?

A.    50-pin SCSI
B.    40-pin ribbon
C.    34-pin ribbon
D.    4-pin SATA

Answer: C

Which of the following printers requires a specialized paper in order to operate?

A.    Thermal
B.    Laser
C.    Inkjet
D.    Impact

Answer: A

A user reports that their hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced.
Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A.    Run the hard disk manufacturer’s diagnostic program
B.    Re-image the drive
C.    Replace the hard drive and load Windows
D.    Ask the user diagnostic questions

Answer: D

A user reports that their touchpad no longer works on their laptop.
Which of the following is the FIRST troubleshooting step?

A.    Plug in USB keyboard
B.    Check for a disable switch
C.    Contact the laptop manufacturer
D.    Plug in a USB mouse

Answer: B

Users in an office routinely work with large graphics files.
Which of the following preventive maintenance tools can assist in maintaining system performance?

D.    SFC

Answer: B

A Windows 7 user has documents spread throughout multiple hard drives and wishes to organize and search them in one panel. Which of the following features should they be shown?

A.    Windows Explorer
B.    My documents
C.    Windows Desktop Search 4.0
D.    Libraries
Answer: D

A user reports that they walked away from their laptop for 30 minutes and when they came back the screen was very dim. The user tried moving the mouse and increasing the brightness setting, but neither worked. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A.    Plug in an external monitor to test the video card.
B.    Run a check disk scan to verify there is no corruption.
C.    Check if the laptop is now on battery power.
D.    Have the LCD screen replaced with a known good screen.

Answer: C

Which of the following connectors is commonly used on a shielded twisted pair cable?

A.    BNC
B.    RJ-45
C.    F
D.    HDMI

Answer: B

A technician has installed a new driver on a computer.
Upon rebooting the computer, a stop error occurs before the technician can log back in.
Which of the following would be the BEST option for the technician to do NEXT?

A.    Boot the computer to the Recovery Console.
B.    Boot the computer with a Windows Installation CD.
C.    Boot the computer using Last Known Good Configuration.
D.    Boot the computer using Safe Mode with Networking.

Answer: C

Which of the following is the MAXIMUM cable length for 802.3 Ethernet?

A.    33 Feet (10 meters)
B.    100 Feet (30 meters)
C.    328 Feet (100 meters)
D.    1200 Feet (366 meters)

Answer: C

Which of the following occurs during POST?

A.    OS loads
B.    Safe Mode starts
C.    RAM check
D.    MBR check

Answer: C

Which of the following protocols is used to assign an IP address to a host?

A.    FTP
C.    DNS
D.    DHCP

Answer: D

A customer wants to use a Microsoft virtual solution on an existing high-end graphics workstation. Which of the following is required to accomplish this task?

A.    The motherboard must support PCI version 2.3 or above to use virtual technology.
B.    The motherboard BIOS must support virtual technology.
C.    The CPU L1 cache must have a minimum of 1 MB to support virtual technology.
D.    The chipset of the motherboard must have digitally signed drivers to work with virtual technology.

Answer: B

When replacing a print head in an impact printer, special care MUST be given to adjustinG.

A.    the ribbon drive assembly
B.    the form thickness
C.    the platen gap
D.    the form length

Answer: C

A technician needs to harden a wireless small office home office (SOHO) network so that internal IP addresses are hidden from Internet users. Which of the following should the technician configure?

A.    Configure NAT
B.    Configure port forwarding
C.    QoS
D.    SSID broadcast

Answer: A

Which of the following protocols is used to resolve an IP address to domain name?

A.    DHCP
B.    SMB
C.    LDAP
D.    DNS

Answer: D

Which of the following devices would MOST likely require a serial adapter to be installed on a modern PC?

A.    External modem
B.    TV tuner
C.    Mouse
D.    Keyboard

Answer: A

The user turns on the computer and hears a popping sound and detects a burning smell.
The system will not power on. Which of the following is the MOST likely problem?

A.    Power supply has blown.
B.    CPU fan is faulty.
C.    Motherboard has overheated and shutdown.
D.    UPS has been tripped.

Answer: A

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