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Which Cisco WSA is intended for deployment in organizations of up to 1500 users?

A.    WSA S370
B.    WSA S670
C.    WSA S370-2RU
D.    WSA S170

Answer: D

Which Cisco WSA is intended for deployment in organizations of more than 6000 users?

A.    WSA S370
B.    WSA S670
C.    WSA S370-2RU
D.    WSA S170

Answer: B

Which command verifies that the correct CWS license key information was entered on the Cisco ASA?

A.    sh run scansafe server
B.    sh run scansafe
C.    sh run server
D.    sh run server scansafe

Answer: B

Which four parameters must be defined in an ISAKMP policy when creating an IPsec site-to-site VPN using the Cisco ASDM? (Choose four.)

A.    encryption algorithm
B.    hash algorithm
C.    authentication method
D.    IP address of remote IPsec peer
E.    D-H group
F.    perfect forward secrecy

Answer: ABCE

Which Cisco ASA SSL VPN feature provides support for PCI compliance by allowing for the validation of two sets of username and password credentials on the SSL VPN login page?

A.    Single Sign-On
B.    Certificate to Profile Mapping
C.    Double Authentication

Answer: D

Which two types of digital certificate enrollment processes are available for the Cisco ASA security appliance? (Choose two.)

A.    LDAP
B.    FTP
C.    TFTP
D.    HTTP
E.    SCEP
F.    Manual

Answer: EF

Your corporate finance department purchased a new non-web-based TCP application tool to run on one of its servers. The finance employees need remote access to the software during non- business hours. The employees do not have “admin” privileges to their PCs. How would you configure the SSL VPN tunnel to allow this application to run?

A.    Configure a smart tunnel for the application.
B.    Configure a “finance tool” VNC bookmark on the employee clientless SSL VPN portal.
C.    Configure the plug-in that best fits the application.
D.    Configure the Cisco ASA appliance to download the Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN client to the
finance employee each time an SSL VPN tunnel is established.

Answer: A

What three alert notification options are available in Cisco IntelliShield Alert Manager? (Choose three.)

A.    Alert Summary as Text
B.    Complete Alert as an HTML Attachment
C.    Complete Alert as HTML
D.    Complete Alert as RSS
E.    Alert Summary as Plain Text
F.    Alert Summary as MMS

Answer: ABC

With Cisco IDM, which rate limit option specifies the maximum bandwidth for rate-limited traffic?

A.    protocol
B.    rate
C.    bandwidth
D.    limit

Answer: B

Which two benefits are provided by the dynamic dashboard in Cisco ASDM Version 5.2? (Choose two.)

A.    It configures system polices for NAC devices.
B.    It forwards traffic to destination devices.
C.    It provides statistics for device health.
D.    It replaces syslog, RADIUS, and TACACS+ servers.
E.    It automatically detects Cisco security appliances to configure.

Answer: CE

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