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While troubleshooting a failed central web authentication configuration on cisco WLC, you discover that the Cisco WLC policy manager state is showing RUN For new client and not CENTRAL_WEB_AUTH, what is most likely the issue.?

A.    The WLAN Layer 2 security should be sent to WPA+WPA2
B.    The WLAN NAC state should be set to RADIUS NAC
C.    The web login page under the cisco WLC security should be set to external (redirect to external server)
D.    The WLAN layer 3 security should be set to web page policy with condition web redirect.

Answer: B

Two autonomous Aps are connected to a switch on the same VLAN both APS are configured with the same SSID and WPA2-PSK.
After making configuration changes to one of the APs .spanning tree disabled one of the switch ports into which AP was plugged?
Which two options describe possible reasons that spanning tree disabled a port? (choose Two)

A.    One of the Aps was configured as a universal workgroup bridge.
B.    It is not possible for spanning tree to disable a port. The bridging loop must have been coincidental
C.    Spanning tree was disabled on both Aps
D.    PortFast was enabled on all ports
E.    One of the APs was configured as a standard workgroup bridge.

Answer: AE

During the Cisco 5760 WLC high availability active and standby process (elected or re-elected), which factor can determine which Cisco 5760 WLC become active?

A.    The cisco 5760 WLC the highest stack member priority value
B.    the cisco 5760 WLC the highest IP address
C.    the cisco 5760 WLC the lowest stack member priority value.
D.    the cisco 5760 WLC the highest Mac address

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit your colleague a junior network engineer is struggling to enable DHCP option 82 in the layer 3 switch which is in the DMZ for a mobile client under a guest anchor Cisco wireless LAN controller deployment . What is your answer?

A.    DHCP proxy must be enabled for DHCP option 82 to operate correctly.
All Cisco WLCsthat will be in the setup must have the same DHCP proxy setting.
B.    DHCP option 82 must be enabled on the dynamic interface with which theWLANis associated
C.    DHCP option 82 is not supported when it is used with auto-anchor mobility
D.    The mobility tunnel datapath control path or both between the anchor cisco WLC and foreign WLC are down.

Answer: C

RX-SOP is configured for SGHz radio with value set as “High Threshold”.
Which two clients will associate to the AP? (Choose Two)

A.    client with RSSI-75 dBm
B.    client with RSSI-79d8m
C.    client with RSSI-77dBm
D.    client with RSSI-73dBm

Answer: AD

Which MSS value is appropriate on a Cisco 5508 WLC in an IPV6-only environment?

A.    1236
B.    2131
C.    1285
D.    1331

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit .according to the debugs and loin the Cisco WLC and Cisco LAP which WLC discovery Algorithem is used by the LAP to join the Cisco WLC?

A.    DHCP server LAP sends a layer 3 CAPWAP discover request to the Cisco WLC that is listed m the DHCP option 43.
B.    configured LAP sends a uncast layer 3 CAPWAP discover request to the Cisco WLC IP address that the LAP has in its NVRAM
C.    Broadcast lap broadcasts a layer 3 CAPWAP discover massage on the local ip subnet
D.    DNS lap resolve the DNS Name CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTEOLLER cisco to the Cisco WLC ip address then it sends a uncast layer 3 CAPWAP discovery request to the Cisco WLC

Answer: A

Which port does cisco JSE use by default to send RADIUS CoA messages to the Cisco WLC?

A.    UDP 3799
B.    UDP 1813
C.    UDP 1700
D.    TCP 1812

Answer: C

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