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Which option describes what extending requirements analysis allows you to do?

A.    expand the scope of your project
B.    give you more time to deliver on existing project commitments
C.    go beyond the initial core requirements, to the next level of need, while also adding in new capabilities and solutions
D.    speed up the procurement process for a cloud-based solution

Answer: C

Which option describes a reason to document the benefits and risks expected from a business case?

A.    to have a basis for the project manager’s performance rating
B.    to have a consistent basis for judging the effectiveness of a solution
C.    so that everyone has common understanding of problems that are likely to occur with the first release
D.    to give the project sponsor a basis to support additional funding for deployment on a larger scale

Answer: B

Which statement about how Business Model Canvas diagrams are a useful tool is true?

A.    They depict the operating procedures for system management.
B.    They establish a consensus view among customer executives about the organization strategy and major processes.
C.    They decompose the processes for a single department.
D.    They identify the bottlenecks within a customer service process.

Answer: B

What is the purpose of a gap analysis?

A.    Identify the major capabilities that are needed but are not present today in the operating model.
B.    Identify specific problems with execution of the customer’s network management process.
C.    Define new software that is required for stronger security and threat prevention.
D.    Increase the customer’s level of awareness about Smart Solution features and value.

Answer: A

Which statement about a roadmap is true?

A.    Requirements are subjective and viewpoints are fact.
B.    It can be created earlier in a project, as compared to an architectural blueprint.
C.    It focuses on a broader scope than an architectural blueprint.
D.    It shows a path for projects or initiatives that is consistent with the architectural direction.

Answer: D

Which approach is recommended when you justify a solution?

A.    Support solutions that can be fully implemented with current capabilities on the IT staff.
B.    Give extra weight to projects that give the business unit responsibility for risky activities.
C.    Bring the IT and business executives together where possible to forge a unified viewpoint.
D.    Push investments out to the future, where possible, to delay larger investments.

Answer: C

Which option is a governance approach for a project?

A.    committee of stakeholder reps
B.    measurements of system security
C.    operating procedures for data backup
D.    status reports on total IT systems

Answer: A

Which statement describes a benefit of using SWOT analysis?

A.    It allows you to confirm the status of a customer’s specific improvement initiatives.
B.    It helps you gain a broader perspective about the customer’s strategic situation.
C.    It allows the IT organization to show business leaders that they understand service-level impacts on financial results.
D.    It provides a snapshot of the industry forces, competitors, suppliers, and market leaders.

Answer: B

Which option describes what is used to measure progress against slated target goals?

A.    Return-on-Investment
B.    Key performance indicator
C.    Net-Present-Value
D.    Critical success factor

Answer: B

Which option is an external force that act upon a business environment?

A.    readiness
B.    technology
C.    micro-economics
D.    key trends

Answer: C

Which step of the Cisco 9 Step Sales Approach to Outcome-Based Selling is where a Memorandum of Understanding is agreed with the customer?

A.    Step 3 Customer Exposure
B.    Step 6 Offer and Accept
C.    Step 5 Identify and Design
D.    Step 4 Customer Discovery

Answer: B

Which two roles must the sales professional fulfill? (Choose two.)

A.    Trusted Advisor.
B.    Emotional Coach.
C.    Best Friend.
D.    Customer Champion

Answer: AB

When two options are benefits of a Connected Manufacturing strategy? (Choose two.)

A.    large amounts of quantitative data for analysis
B.    ability to adapt the supply chain to changing markets
C.    integrated supply chain
D.    improved production efficiency and flexibility

Answer: D

Which step of the Cisco 9 Step Sales Approach to Outcome-Based Selling is where the contract and SLAKPIs are agreed?

A.    Step 6 Offer and Accept
B.    Step 5 Identify and Design
C.    Step 4 Customer Discovery
D.    Step 7 Proof of Value

Answer: D

Which option describes the win-time-frame which operational managers tend to think in terms of planning?

A.    1 ?3 months
B.    1 ?2 years
C.    3 ?5 years
D.    1 ?6 months

Answer: B

What are the recommended three steps to mitigate or minimize risks? (Choose three.)

A.    Act
B.    Prepare
C.    Implement
D.    Prioritize
E.    Categorize

Answer: BCE

Which option is an indirect finance benefit of the business outcomes safes-based approach?

A.    Improved customer satisfaction
B.    Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
C.    Reduced CAPEX and increased OPEX
D.    Increased NPV

Answer: A

Which two options are types of external risks the customer faces? (Choose two.)

A.    Market
B.    Regulation
C.    Expenses
D.    Savings

Answer: AB

Which two options are recommended steps for building business acumen? (Choose two.)

A.    Complete an industry-recognized certification.
B.    Talk with key stakeholders
C.    Attend industry conferences and interest groups.
D.    Develop a strong understanding of Cisco industry solutions.

Answer: C

How can you gain customer credibility regarding the benefits of the solution proposed?

A.    What a cost / benefit analysis of the solution
B.    By proposing measurable objectives
C.    Advising the customer that the proposed solution is complete
D.    Presenting a detailed solution design

Answer: A

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