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Which tool can you use to find the database type of the Auditing Data Store?

A.    Upgrade Management Tool
B.    Central Configuration Manager
C.    Repository Diagnostic Tool
D.    Central Management Console

Answer: D

How do you track the performance of business intelligence platform services in realtime?

A.    Schedule probes to run at specified intervals.
B.    Include servers in your replication lists.
C.    Set up profiles in the Monitoring tool.
D.    Query the Auditing Data Store for metrics.

Answer: A

What metrics are measured as default probes in the monitoring application?
Please choose the correct answer.

A.    Application metrics that monitor indicators such as the number of user connections.
B.    System metrics that indicate the success of a certain task, for example, CMS ping.
C.    Topology metrics that indicate the health of a certain category of servers, for example, core services.
D.    System metrics that are indicators of the performance of the operating system, for example,
free memory.

Answer: B

Which of the following tasks can you perform using the wdeploy tool?

A.    Scan and repair inconsistencies between the system database and the filestore.
B.    Separate static content from dynamic content.
C.    Import users and content from a previous version to the current version.
D.    Monitor the health of the business intelligence platform deployment.

Answer: B

What can you include when you install the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    SAP Enterprise Resource Planning
B.    Web Application Server
C.    SAP Business Warehouse
D.    Lifecycle Manager

Answer: BD

Why would you choose the “Web Tier” installation type when installing the Business Intelligence platform?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    To add the Web Service Query application to client workstations
B.    To add Web Intelligence Processing servers to an existing cluster
C.    To install and configure a new Web Application Server
D.    To install required browser plug-ins on client workstations
E.    To add web applications to a supported Java server

Answer: CE

You want to promote the system database from the development environment to the test environment.
Which option do you select in the Central Configuration Manager?

A.    Recreate the Current Data Source
B.    Copy Data from Another Data Source
C.    Change CMS Cluster Key Configuration
D.    Update Data Source Settings

Answer: B

What can you use to update data source settings on the system database?

A.    Lifecycle Management Console
B.    Central Configuration Manager
C.    Web Application Container Service
D.    Central Management Console

Answer: B

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